What is the pH of aniline?

What is the pH of aniline?

What is Zn HCl?

Is ZnCl2 basic or acidic?

around 4

4.6 to 6.0

The procedure for calculating the pH of a solution of a weak base is similar to that of the weak acid in the sample problem. However, the variable x will represent the concentration of the hydroxide ion. The pH is found by taking the negative logarithm to get the pOH, followed by subtracting from 14 to get the pH.

How do you find the pH of a weak base?

Aniline pKb=9.4. Aniline in solution of its hydrochloride is in form of conjugate acid. To calculate pH of such solution we have to find pKa for aniline and treat it like weak acid. pKa=14-9.4=4.6 – and this value we will put into simplified formula 8.13.

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