What is the fizzy drink in The BFG?

What is the fizzy drink in The BFG?

Why does the BFG only eat Snozzcumber?

What’s a Snozzwanger?

Phizzwizards are peaceful, happy, unmistakebly incredible dreams that everyone wants to have everyday. When the BFG and Sophie are catching dreams, the first dream they cacth is a golden phizzwizard. If it’s a phizzwizard, the BFG will make the dream about whatever you feel like hearing. That’s what a phizzwizard is!

A snozzcumber is a knobbly vegetable like an enormous cucumber with black and white stripes. Snozzcumbers taste disgusting but they are all the BFG has to eat, as he refuses to hunt human beans like other giants.

What are the differences between soda and frobscottle? In soda, the bubbles travel up and cause you to burp, and with frobscottle, the bubbles go down and cause you to have whizzpoppers.

What is the difference between regular soda and Frobscottle?

Frobscottle is a green-colored fizzy drink, where the bubbles go down instead of up. This is the cause of Whizzpoppers (which are farts). It tastes delicious to Sophie and The BFG and to the other giants as well.

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