What does DVD5 and DVD9 mean?

What does DVD5 and DVD9 mean?

What is the best blank DVD to buy?

Sony PS/2 can read DVD+R and DVD-R but Sony PS/3 can also read Blu-ray! For PS2 , You always need a modchip to boot the backup game. it will work on new ps2s if its a normal movie, but if its a game then you will need to get it chipped, but dvd-r media works better on ps2 than +.

Can PS2 read DVD-R?

It is used to record data. DVD-R can be written only once. data is written with the help of laser on it….Difference between DVD-R and DVD-RW :

What does DVD RW mean?

DVD5 is a single-sided single-layered DVD disc, while DVD9 is a single-sided double-layered DVD disc. If you do not know the disc type, you can insert your DVD disc into your computer’s DVD drive, click on the drive properties and see how large the disc is. And nowadays, most commercial DVDs are dual-layer.

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