What are examples of antagonistic pairs?

What are examples of antagonistic pairs?

Muscle contraction needs fuel to turn it in action. A muscle contraction and muscle grow will need proteins, calcium, creatine and carbohydrates as the most important and one we can control through diet. Biceps and triceps are antagonistic pairs.

Muscles are normally arranged in opposition so that as one group of muscles contract another group relaxes or lengthens. Antagonistic pairs of muscles are muscle where one move the bone in one direction and the other moves it back the other way in transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles.

Antagonist and agonist muscles often occur in pairs, called antagonistic pairs. As one muscle contracts, the other relaxes. An example of an antagonistic pair is the biceps and triceps; to contract, the triceps relaxes while the biceps contracts to lift the arm. Not all muscles are paired in this way.

Is antagonistic split good?

Are biceps brachii and triceps Brachii antagonists?

Some of the antagonistic pairs are as follows:

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