Is using HTTP injector illegal?

Is using HTTP injector illegal?

The HTTP Injector application generates a “payload” which is actually a “HTTP CONNECT” request to the proxy. The “payload” with the CONNECT method is sent via SSH (somehow, maybe SSH tunneling) and… The end user is then able to move from the WiFi connection back to Cellular Data.

Create a HTTP Injector . ehi config file of type “Direct” and “Custom Payload“. Open your HTTP Injector application then tap on “HTTP Proxy – SSH (Custom Payload)“. On the Tunnel Type menu select “Secure Shell (SSH)” on Connect From select “None (Direct)” In the Options Check “Custom Payload” and Save.

What is injector HTTP?

HTTP Injectors are used to connect to an SSH/Proxy, and many infrastructures have been compromised. Is Using HTTP Injector files Dangerous? Yes, cybercriminals may be sharing HTTP Injector files to mask their illegal activities blinded by the free use of the internet.

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