Is flannel unprofessional?

Is flannel unprofessional?

Maybe it’s the idea of mixing warm with cold, but a plaid flannel shirt looks pretty darn cool when worn with a shorter pair of shorts. Having a flannel on hand to bring it down to earth a bit and give you a little extra coverage is a great way to make flannel work for summer.

Any Day During Fall or Winter While a 90-degree summer day may not necessarily scream, “Flannel!”, any day during fall and winter is a good day to wear a button-down flannel shirt.

In a word: yes.

Style Tips for Your Oversized Flannel Shirts

Shirt Under Flannel The best version of this look starts with a white t-shirt and an unbuttoned flannel shirt. However, you can dress the shirt underneath any color as long as it doesn’t clash with your flannel. The pants and shoes you should wear will depend on the color you like.

Is it OK to wear flannel in the spring?

You can, of course, always wear a flannel shirt on casual Fridays! “Casual,” after all, doesn’t have to translate to unprofessional. By reining in your look with a defining piece that is more structured or studious, you can look workplace-appropriate even while wearing a laid-back flannel shirt.

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