How do I mask ClickBank link?

How do I mask ClickBank link?

Most Popular URL Shortener Services A lot of people who start with internet marketing knows about! That will allow them to create short URLs easy to manage. These services are used to create shorter URLs but in fact, these services are nothing more than URL cloaking services.

An affiliate link looks like any other URL or hyperlink, except the URL, has extra information at to the end of the URL through the use of URL parameters. (e.g., the individual affiliates ID, offer or landing page ID, and customer tracking information usually added to the link from the affiliate for tracking purposes.

To do so, follow the steps below:

Here’s how to find your ClickBank affiliate ID: Login into your ClickBank control panel. Click on Account Settings. Your Account Nickname is your Clickbank affiliate ID.

What is my ClickBank nickname?

How to mask (cloak) a destination URL

This post is all about how you can cloak links to make it easier to promote Clickbank and other affiliate links….

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