Does Dolores Huerta have siblings?

Does Dolores Huerta have siblings?

Huerta is one of the subjects of the Sylvia Morales film A Crushing Love (2009), the sequel to Chicana (1979). She is portrayed by actress/activist Rosario Dawson in Diego Luna’s César Chávez (2014). She is the focus of a 2017 documentary called Dolores. A middle school in Las Cruces, New Mexico is named after.

Dolores Lopez Palacios (born Huerta) was born on month day 1872, at birth place, to Marcos Dionicio Almaguer Huerta and Micaela Bautista Huerta (born Lopez). Marcos was born on October 6 1838, in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. Micaela was born in 1850, in San Luis Potosi. Dolores was baptized on month day 1872, at baptism place.

Early Life. Activist and labor leader Dolores Fernández, better known as Dolores Huerta, was born April 10, 1930, in Dawson, New Mexico, the second child of Juan and Alicia (Chavez) Fernandez.

Dolores Huerta was born in 1938, to Jose Luis Huerta and Maria Teofila Huerta (born Ibanez). Jose was born in 1906, in Barbechos, Tierra Nueva, San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Maria was born in 1909. Dolores had 13 siblings: Jose Huerta, Dario Huerta and 11 other siblings.

31 March 1927
Cesar Chavez/Date of birth
Cesar Chavez, in full Cesar Estrada Chavez, (born March 31, 1927, Yuma, Arizona, U.S.—died April 23, 1993, San Luis, Arizona), organizer of migrant American farmworkers and a cofounder with Dolores Huerta of the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA) in 1962.

Helen Fabela Chávezm. 1948–1993
Cesar Chavez/Wife

Sí se puede
In 1972, during César Chávez’s 25-day fast in Phoenix, Arizona, UFW’s co-founder, Dolores Huerta, came up with the slogan. “Sí se puede” has long been a UFW guiding principle that has served to inspire accomplishment of goals. The phrase is a federally registered trademark of the UFW.

César Chávez was an American farm worker, labor leader, and civil rights activist who, with Dolores Huerta, co-founded the National Farm Workers Association, which later became the United Farm Workers (UFW).

five children
After divorcing Head, she married Ventura Huerta, with whom she bore five children. Fidel, Emilio, Vincent, Alicia and Angela.

Her parents divorced when Huerta was three years old, and her mother moved to Stockton, California with her children. Huerta’s grandfather helped raise Huerta and her two brothers while her mother juggled jobs as a waitress and cannery worker until she could buy a small hotel and restaurant.

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