Can you use a pen on a Scantron?

Can you use a pen on a Scantron?

What is the most comfortable pen to write with?

If you wish to draw very fine lines, you’ll want to go for a 0.3mm lead. For writing and most drawing, you’ll probably prefer a 0.5mm lead. A thicker, 0.7mm lead, meanwhile, may be better for sketching and non-detailed drawing.

Is 0.5 or 0.7 lead better?

B9 is the softest and darkest. 9H is the lightest and hardest graphite pencil. So a B6 is softer and darker than a B2. An 6H is harder and lighter than a 2H and much harder and lighter than a HB or a B pencil.

An American #2 pencil (roughly) corresponds to an HB pencil on the rest of the world’s scale. The lead is not too dark and not too light, and it’s not too hard or too soft. Pencils numbered higher than 2 have harder leads and are often used by engineers, architects, and draftsmen because of their harder points.

What happens if you don’t use a number 2 pencil on a Scantron?

Modern scantron systems are quite high-tech, using image sensors and sophisticated image processing algorithms. As such, you can use pens, pencils, and even printer toner or ink, if you want to run your scantron through a printer to mark all your answers.

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