Why was Angela Wexler The bomber?

Why was Angela Wexler The bomber?

It’s eventually revealed that Angela herself is the one who set these off. The fourth, set by Turtle in order to try to maintain the illusion of her sister’s innocence, goes off in the elevator.

Angela’s bombs take three attempts to fulfill their purpose—and by the third bombing (which permanently disfigures Angela’s face and hands), it is clear that the Westing game players would rather point fingers at immigrants and minorities than someone as “perfect” as Angela.

The burglar is Mrs. Hoo, the second wife of the restaranteur who pilfers in order to save enough to return to China. The bomber is Angela Wexler who sets a bomb on herself, perhaps, to mar her beauty so that others will perceive her in more than a superficial way. The mistake is Sydelle Pulaski.

This time Sydelle Pulaksi (Angela’s partner) is minorly injured. At this point in the game, the identity of the bomber is unknown, but the characters themselves suggest various motives. Some believe it is Westing’s murderer, attempting to strike again (like the will suggests).

4. What does Theo discover when he analyzes his clue? The formula for an explosive, and the name of the murderer. He thinks it is Otis.

Who are the bookie, the bomber, the burglar, and the mistake in The Westing Game? The bookie is Dr. Wexler, the bomber is Madame Hoo, the burglar is Angela, and the mistake is Sydelle Pulaski.

In The Westing Game, bomber Angela Wexler’s primary motive in setting off the bombs was to mar her beauty so that others would no longer judge her by her looks. She also did it to avoid being married off to Dr. Deere, her mother’s choice of future husband.

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