Why is Pope ring destroyed?

Why is Pope ring destroyed?

How is the ring broken by Pope Benedict?

How was the papal ring destroyed after death?

Creation, transfer, and destruction. A new ring is cast for each Pope as a general practice in tradition. Upon a papal death, the ring used to be ceremonially destroyed using a hammer in the presence of other cardinals by the Camerlengo. This was done to prevent issuance of forged documents during the sede vacante.

There seems to be no strict Vatican policy on how the pope’s body should be preserved. Most recent popes have been embalmed, including the last four before John Paul II: Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul I. John Paul II will not be the first pope to decompose in public.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis allowed nuns and priests to kiss his papal ring during his weekly audience in St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday, two days after a video that showed him pulling his hand away from several faithful drew disapproval from some of the pope’s conservative critics.

The pope’s ring, called The Fisherman’s Ring, is also, technically, an official seal, exclusive only to him.

Destroying the papal seal There are several reasons why the ring is cut, however the most important is to prevents its use in the forging of documents. Additionally, cutting the ring also symbolizes the ending of the late Pope’s authority. No ring, no power.

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