Why is my Calibrachoa dying?

Why is my Calibrachoa dying?

seaside petunia

You can also pinch Calibrachoa by removing the top of the central stem when the plant has sprouted just a few leaves. This will cause it to produce even more side shoots and discourage too much upright growth. According to the University of Illinois, you can pinch back Calibrachoa regularly throughout the season.

Superbells® Calibrachoa are excellent summer performing annuals, as long as their needs are met. They are heat tolerant, will tolerate dry conditions and bloom prolifically all summer without deadheading.

How often should you water Calibrachoa?

If the foliage is yellow and you have been fertilizing, the soil pH range may be too high or low and iron can no longer be taken up by the plant. You can try to lower (or raise) the pH or apply chelated iron, available in a wide pH range, or find a foliar spray with iron. Plants should respond by greening up.

Dying calibrachoa is usually because of fungal diseases such as root rot caused by excess moisture around the roots. Calibrachoa requires the soil to dry out between bouts of watering, so if the plant is over watered or in boggy soil the leaves turn brown and wilt, resulting in dying calibrachoa plants.

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