Why is Fra Pandolf in My Last Duchess?

Why is Fra Pandolf in My Last Duchess?

Ans- The Duke was dissatisfied with his last Duchess because he thought that she was not completed focused on him and was flirting with other people. The Duchess would smile at other people but the Duke wanted complete control and was jealous when the Duchess was friendly towards other people.

He even had his first wife murdered because she didn’t behave how he wanted her to. The most telling words are that Neptune was “taming a sea-horse”; this appeals greatly to the Duke’s desire for taming and controlling all around him, especially things like the rare sea-horse.

What does the Duke say about dowry?

Near the end of the monologue he says, “I repeat, / The Count your master’s known munificence / Is ample warrant that no just pretence / Of mine for dowry will be disallowed.” So he is repeating what he has already told this man, showing that the dowry was uppermost in his mind.

What does the duke say about dowry?

We furthermore know that the artist, Fra Pandolf, had taken a day to finish the portrait and that it is a full-length painting – and there she stands. The duke courteously invites his guest to sit down and take a proper look at the picture. He is obviously proud of having been married to such a wondrous woman.

The duke continues by saying that it wasn’t only his presence that brought that look into the painted eyes of the duchess or the blush of happiness into her painted cheek; he suggests that perhaps Fra Pandolf had happened to compliment her by saying “her shawl drapes over her wrist too much” or “paint could never …

What must Fra Pandolf have suggested to the Duchess which according to the Duke was just courtesy?

What is Fra Pandolf?

The Duke actually speaks the name Fra Pandolf three times in the monologue. This is a sign of his vulgarity and bad taste. It is almost as bad as telling the visitor how much money he paid to have the work done. (The visitor is there to negotiate the marriage of some Count’s daughter to the Duke.

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