Why does Bernard get sent to Iceland?

Why does Bernard get sent to Iceland?

How does Bernard feel after the Solidarity Service?

The major movement in Bernard’s character is his rise in popularity after the trip to the Reservation and his discovery of John, followed by his disastrous fall. Before and during his trip to the Reservation, Bernard is lonely, insecure, and isolated.

How does Bernard change when they visit the reservation?

Chapter 10
Summary: Chapter 10 When Bernard arrives, the Director declares Bernard “heretical” because he refuses to behave like an infant and does not immediately seek to gratify his own desires. He tells Bernard that he is being transferred to Iceland.

The D.H.C. tells Bernard about the young woman he took on his trip and how she disappeared mysteriously during their stay on the Reservation. Embarrassed by his emotional reverie, the D.H.C. shifts attention by expressing his disappointment in Bernard’s odd behavior outside work and threatens to exile him to Iceland.

How does Bernard Marx react to being sent to Iceland?

The Director explains to Henry that even though Bernard is excellent at his job, Bernard’s inability to fit into Society poses a threat to their very way of life. He is being sent to Iceland because there he has less of a chance of causing trouble for the Society.

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