Why do cells of roots lack chloroplast?

Why do cells of roots lack chloroplast?

The function of the roots is to absorb and store water and nutrients from the soil and to support the plant. In many plants, the roots are also used for reproduction. The roots of some plants can be cut up and replanted to grow new plants.

All plant cells have plastids. Those can become chloroplasts when exposed to certain wavelengths of light. There is extensive research on chloroplast development. If not exposed to light, they can become amyloplasts, which store starch in roots or tubers, chromoplasts, which have pigments in petals, or remain as protoplasts.

Leaves are the organ of a plant whose cells contain these organelles, since the main function of the leaf is to absorb sunlight. Root cells may also contain chloroplasts. But in different sources, the fact of the presence of these organelles in root cells is evaluated differently.

Root cells do not contain chloroplasts because in most plants the roots are underground and not exposed to light. Chloroplasts are needed for photosynthesis, which needs light to occur….

All of the green structures in plants, including stems and unripened fruit, contain chloroplasts, but the majority of photosynthesis activity in most plants occurs in the leaves.

They contain chloroplasts and carry out most of the photosynthesis. Vascular bundles are made up of xylem and phloem cells. Cells in the spongy layer usually contain few chloroplasts (especially in dicot plants) and are the storage place for the products of photosynthesis.

Palisade cells
Palisade cells contain the largest number of chloroplasts per cell, which makes them the primary site of photosynthesis in the leaves of those plants that contain them, converting the energy in light to the chemical energy of carbohydrates.

Why do the cells of plant roots generally lack chloroplasts? Because the roots are underground, so they cannot get light which is what chloroplasts need to carry out photosynthesis. Plants and Bacteria Heterotrophs are animals and other organisms that must get energy from food.

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