Why did they kill off Freddie Skins?

Why did they kill off Freddie Skins?

Where did rich go after Grace died?

Did Tony from skins die?

In episode nine, Jal appears at Sid’s dinner party, and reveals that she is pregnant, and plans to have an abortion. Jal got two As and a C in her A-levels.

Tony sarcastically comments that she is participating in a sponsored silence, and when asked by Michelle why she never speaks, she simply doesn’t answer. It is after Tony’s life-threatening accident in the finale of the first series, Effy begins speaking again.

The fate of John Foster is revealed. It is revealed that Cook murdered John Foster. As the episode goes on, Cook and the ladies are on the run. They run into his boss who kills his girlfriend and her parents leaving only him, the cheater and the boss.

Did Cook kill Dr Foster in Skins?

Skins fans are largely unhappy with the decision to kill off Freddie McLair, according to a DS poll. The majority of voters suggested that it was a bad move to have Luke Pasqualino’s alter ego depart in such a violent manner.

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