Why are angiosperms more successful than gymnosperms?

Why are angiosperms more successful than gymnosperms?

Why are angiosperms the most successful group of plants?

How do angiosperms help the environment?

Why angiosperms are known as covered seeded plants?

What adaptations allow plants to thrive on land? Flowering plants have a reproductive advantage over gymnosperms because of different adaptations such as having flowers t allow for pollination and fruit for seed dispersal. Pollination can b allowed by wind, or by pollen being carried by animals.

The success of angiosperms is due to two novel reproductive structures: flowers and fruit. Flowers also provide protection for the ovule and developing embryo inside a receptacle. The function of the fruit is seed dispersal. They also protect the developing seed.

They are considered most highly evolved and advanced because the ovules or potential seeds are enclosed within a hollow ovary. They are well adapted to prevailing environmental conditions.

Flowering plants
“Flowering plants are the most abundant and ecologically successful group of plants on earth,” said Brodribb. “One reason for this dominance is the relatively high photosynthetic capacity of their leaves, but when and how this increased photosynthetic capacity evolved has been a mystery.”

Among all the subgroups of kingdom Plantae, angiosperms are considered as most successful as it is known that all the flowering or flower-bearing plants are grouped into angiosperms. It is considered most successful due to its two main features, flower and seed formation.

Flowering plants are able to survive in a greater variety of habitats than gymnosperms. Flowering plants mature more quickly than gymnosperms, and produce greater numbers of seeds. The woody tissues of angiosperms are also more complex and specialized.

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