Who sells bound armor oblivion?

Who sells bound armor oblivion?

There is a glitch that makes bound armors and weapons permanent. Have the bound weapon or armor on your person (through casting the spell or though a rune stone), have it become damaged (or simply be an Expert Armorer ), repair it with a repair hammer, drop any of this same item type, wait out the spell and pick it/them up.

To unequip the bound armor before the effect expires, use a Dispel effect. This will make the bound armor vanish. There are also some glitches that allow bound armor to be unequipped without vanishing; these glitches allow permanent, weightless armor to be created.

This issue has been addressed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch; the cuirass and greaves are changed into light armor. When you cast Bound Armor spells, the conjured armor pieces replace those you are already wearing. This means that all replaced items are going to be temporarily unequipped.

Bound items are created by scrolls or spells from the Conjuration line. They appear for a certain duration (varies by spell), and are automatically equipped. They are weightless and are Daedric quality. The cuirass and greaves are considered heavy armor, but all of the other bound armor pieces are considered light armor.

The first one will allow you to summon a Daedric Armor for 60 seconds, and the second one will do the same for your allies when you aim at them. Both spells are affected by the Conjuration Master perk. The bound armor is a full set: boots, helmet, cuirass, gauntlets.

With this mod you can now summon full sets of Bound armor. There have been a couple of mods before that allowed you to equip armor via spell, but this mod is more than that. The Bound Armors you conjure, will have many unique properties.

Acquisition. The helmet can be found on a podium in the Dark Hall of Vahtacen.

Acquisition. This spell can be purchased from the following spell merchants: Athragar – Chorrol Mages Guild, Chorrol. Delphine Jend – Bravil Mages Guild, Bravil.

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