Who played Zeke the Plumber and Salute Your Shorts?

Who played Zeke the Plumber and Salute Your Shorts?

Michael Bower may have been cast as the stereotypical fat guy at the summer camp, but since Salute Your Shorts, his career has been anything but staid. He acts, appears in music videos, provides voice work, and also has his own movie review blog. He has appeared in various episodes of The X-Files, Friends, Monk, CSI, and Dark Angel.

It was based on the 1986 book Salute Your Shorts: Life at Summer Camp by Steve Slavkin and Thomas Hill. The series is set at the fictional summer camp, Camp Anawanna. It focuses on teenage campers, their strict and bossy counselor, and the various capers and jocularities they engage in.

Most recently, he has appeared in an episode of Bones. At every summer camp, there is that one girl who everybody is fond of. In Salute Your Shorts, the camp’s most popular girl was Dina, played by Heidi Lucas.

Cast Kirk Baily as Kevin “Ug” Lee, first in rank of the camp counselors Megan Berwick as Z.Z. Ziff Michael Bower as Eddie “Donkeylips” C. Gelfen Venus DeMilo as Telly Radford Trevor Eyster (credited as Tim Eyster) as Eugene “Sponge” Harris Heidi Lucas as Dina Alexander Erik MacArthur as Michael Stein (season 1)

Camp Nowhere was filmed at Golden Oak Ranch in Newhall, California, which is also where the Mickey Mouse Club summer camp serial The Adventures of Spin & Marty was filmed.

“Sleepaway Camp” was filmed at New York’s Camp Algonquin. This is actually the real-life Camp Walden where the beginning of the film “The Parent Trap” is supposed to take place– and yes, it is an all-girls camp.

THE SHOW WAS FILMED AT FRANKLIN CANYON PARK. Franklin Lake was the go-to for any lake-based scenes. And even if you weren’t a Salute Your Shorts fan, you may recognize Franklin Lake as Opie’s fishing hole on The Andy Griffith Show, or as the lagoon from which the Creature from the Black Lagoon once rose.

Zeke the Plumber has his nose bitten off by a parrot in the Philippines and couldn’t smell a gas leak created when he hit a gas pipe while digging a hole. He makes a big accident and lights a match, causing an explosion. The only remnant was his toilet plunger that now bears a curse.

Zeke the Plumber is a villain of Salute Your Shorts episode of the same name. He is a ghost who use to clean the toilets at camp, and lost his nose in an accident, was unable to smell a gas leak which killed him.

Salute Your Shorts/Number of episodes

Titled “The Ghost Story,” episode two sees the campers gathered around to spook each other silly with tales of terror. Resident bully, Budnick (Danny Cooksey), spins the yarn of Zeke the Plumber, the camp’s former custodian that had no sense of smell because his nose had been bitten off by a parrot.

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