Who is the main character in the book runner?

Who is the main character in the book runner?

What kind of book is the runner by Carl Deuker?

Who is John Rothstein based on?

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Runner is the story of Charlie Feehan, a fifteen-year-old living in Richmond, an inner Melbourne suburb, in 1919. This area, for sometime known as Struggletown, is the scene of great poverty at this time, but it is also the home of one of Melbourne’s best-known gangsters, Squizzy Taylor.

Carl Deuker is the critically acclaimed author of Payback Time, Gym Candy, and Runner, which was a Booklist Top 10 Sports Book. He lives with his wife and daughter in Seattle.

71 years (August 26, 1950)
Carl Deuker/Age

The Runner tells the remarkable true story of a teenage drifter and petty thief named James Hogue who woke up one cold winter morning in a storage shed in Utah and decided to start his life anew.

Norman Heath Nicknamed Nostrils because of his big nose, Norman is the friend Charlie needs. There is an immediate respect and attraction between the boys. When Charlie is tired of well-meaning neighbours, Nostrils is ‘something fresh’ (p. 19).

Carl Deuker
William C. Dietz

Science fiction

Carl Deuker is the author of such highly regarded sports novels as On the Devil’s Court, Night Hoops, and Gym Candy. His characters are high school athletes with differing abilities, ambitions, and psychological baggage, but their stories all unfold within the sports that they choose to play.

Charlie Feehan Charlie is the novel’s central character, its protagonist and narrator. As the story begins, Charlie is 16 years old, and living with his mother and baby brother in a poverty-filled section of the Australian city of Melbourne.

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