Who is George Lopez wife?

Who is George Lopez wife?

George and Angie love each other dearly and have ever since they got married. Throughout the course of the series, their relationship does hit some rocky spots but they never give up on each other. Being a mother, she is very protective of her children and loves them very dearly.

Constance Marie (Angie Lopez) Following her role as George’s wife, Constance, 52, became best-known for her portrayal of Regina Vasquez on the hit TV series Switched at Birth.

Constance Marie (born Constance Marie Lopez on September 9, 1965) is the actress who plays the role of Angie Lopez, George’s wife, on the ABC-TV series George Lopez. She portrayed Regina Vasquez on the ABC family drama Switched at Birth from 2011 to 2017.

71 years (November 1, 1949)
Belita Moreno/Age

36 years (October 23, 1985)
Masiela Lusha/Age

She portrayed Regina Vasquez in the ABC Family/Freeform drama series Switched at Birth (2011–2017). She is currently portraying Camila Diaz in the Amazon Prime Video drama series Undone (2019)….

56 years (September 9, 1965)
Constance Marie/Age

Since the show ended, Constance has appeared in projects like Puss in Boots, Undone, Elena of Avalor, and Switched at Birth, among many, many others. She also had a daughter named Luna, who was born in 2009.

Ann Serranom. 1993–2011
George Lopez/Wife

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