Who is Gabby Lopez current wife?

Who is Gabby Lopez current wife?

Who is Gabby Lopez from ABS CBN dating?

Who was the 1st President of the Philippines?

María Rosario Santos y Navarro de Concio, popularly known as Charo Santos-Concio or simply Charo Santos (born October 27, 1955), is a Filipina media executive and actress….

Power Distribution Manila Electric Company (Meralco) – acquired by the Lopez Group 1962 and developed into a power-distributing company. Since 2012, the Lopez Group’s maintains a 3.95% interest (one board seat) in MERALCO.

FEDERICO R. LOPEZ,born August 5, 1961, Filipino, has been a member of the board since December 1998. He is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of publicly- listed companies First Gen, FPH, and EDC. He is a director of ABS-CBN Corporation and Vice-Chairman of Rockwell Land, both of which are listed companies.

“A Classic Lopez girl” means that an actress is basically “untouchable” because she is under the protection of former ABS-CBN network Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Eugenio Lopez III.

Andres López
Sarah Lopez WestonSantiago López
Eugenio Lopez III/Children

Gina was the daughter of ABS-CBN Chairman Emeritus Eugenio Lopez, Jr. of Iloilo and Conchita La’o of Manila. She had six siblings and the sister of Eugenio Lopez III.

Gina Lopez
Eugenio Lopez III/Siblings

Chita Lopez
Eugenio Lopez III/Mothers

Panjee Gonzales
Babsie Chuidian
Eugenio Lopez III/Wife

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