Who Is Fuzzy Dunlop?

Who Is Fuzzy Dunlop?

Why was Stringer Bell killed?

Originally Answered: Why did kenard kill omar? To conquer the legend who wasn’t looking so legendary anymore. Kenard was underwhelmed to see Omar hobbling up to his crew on a crutch, and to quote him, called Omar “gimpy as a motherfucker” afterwards. To Kenard, the legendary stature of Omar died once he met him.

Why did kenard kill Omar?

Daniels worked the Drug Enforcement Unit in the Eastern District, and like most of the characters on the Wire, he’s done some dirty stuff himself.

Carver quit Daniels’ unit transferring to the flex squad where he felt better in a position where there was more “rip and run” recognizing his ranking status in the department. Herc then followed Carver as he had no interest in doing menial surveillance work for Daniels.

Why did Herc tell Levy about the wiretap?

When the device is damaged, they fabricate a confidential informant named “Fuzzy Dunlop” (an inside joke between them referencing the tennis ball’s texture and manufacturer) and take payments meant for the informant to cover its cost.

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