Who is considered the founding father of FFA?

National FFA Organization
In 1965 the organization consolidated with the New Farmers of America, the organization for black agricultural students. Girls were permitted to join as members in 1969. In 1988, the official name of the organization was changed from the Future Farmers of America to the National FFA Organization.

Who were the only members ever to share the title of Star Farmer of America and in what year?

Groseclose named the organization the Future Farmers of Virginia, or FFV for short. The original meaning for the abbreviation FFV stood for the First Families of Virginia. This developed the organization that is known today as the Future Farmers of America, or The National FFA Organization, or just FFA for short.

In 1965 the NFA merged with the National FFA Organization. At the time of the merger, the NFA consisted of 1,004 chapters in 12 states and over 50,000 members. The NFA started as a localized movement in Virginia around 1927.

National FFA Organization is an American 501(c)(3) youth organization, specifically a career and technical student organization, based on middle and high school classes that promote and support agricultural education….National FFA Organization.

Carlton Patton from Arkansas is named the first Star Farmer of America.

What is the last name of the first Star Farmer of America?

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