Who found Frankie Lymon dead?

Who found Frankie Lymon dead?

When did Frankie Lymon get married to Elizabeth?

When did the widow of Frankie Lymon die?

Francine Lymon
Frankie Lymon/Children

He began a relationship with Elizabeth Mickey Waters, who became his first wife in January 1964 and gave birth to his only child, Francine, who died two days after birth at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Frankie was a heroin addict at 15 years old. He tried to kick, tried again and again and got straight for a while. Then his mother died, and he fell hard.

Franklin Joseph Lymon (September 30, 1942 – February 27, 1968) was an American rock and roll/rhythm and blues singer and songwriter, best known as the boy soprano lead singer of the New York City-based early rock and roll group The Teenagers.

Lymon’s fate is tragic in that he was ill equipped to manage the fame that found him. Lymon and the Teenagers, five kids from Washington Heights, just north of Harlem sang doo-wop under the streetlight on the corner of 165th and Amsterdam were discovered by the Valentines’ lead singer Richie Barrett.

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