Who does Cheryl Blossom marry?

Who does Cheryl Blossom marry?

Does Clarke in the 100 get pregnant?

However, Jason learned of his father’s drug trafficking, which resulted in Clifford killing Jason in order to protect his secret. It was later revealed that Clifford was poisoned by Penelope for killing their son.

Jason Blossom, twin brother to queen bee, Cheryl Blossom, was killed by his own dad, Clifford Blossom after learning of his dad’s drug-trafficking business. Jason was against the family business and attempted to run away with his pregnant girlfriend, Polly.

Riverdale season 5 will bring about some significant changes for Archie and his friends. And actor Vanessa Morgan recently revealed that her character, Toni Topaz, will be pregnant when the series returns.

Do Toni and Cheryl break up?

A boy named Paris soon after fell in love with her and they got married later on. Then they had five kids and a three dogs named Carlota, Penta and Finn.

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