Who all dies in Antigone?

Who all dies in Antigone?

How did Creon die in Medea?

Does Eurydice die in Antigone?

He believes (wrongly, as the action of the drama shows) that the welfare of the state should take precedence over family loyalty. Creon’s son Haemon was engaged to Antigone, but Antigone (and Ismene also) must die because Antigone has disobeyed Creon’s edict.

In Sophocles’ Antigone, translated by Ian Johnston, the overall tragic hero is Creon. Creon becoming king brings new laws that are not accepted by everyone’s morals and they do not all follow the laws of the gods.

Creon does not die in Antigone, although his wife, niece, and son do. They both commit suicide as a result of Creon’s actions.

How does Creon die in Antigone?

With Antigone, Haemon and Eurydice all dead by suicide, Creon is left alive to lament his folly and suffer his hard-earned wisdom. Antigone commits suicide soon after she is put in a cave to die. Haemon, distressed over her death, also commits suicide in front of his father.

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