Which quotation is an example of pathos?

The Greek word pathos means “suffering,” “experience,” or “emotion.” It was borrowed into English in the 16th century, and for English speakers, the term usually refers to the emotions produced by tragedy or a depiction of tragedy. “Empathy” is the ability to feel the emotions of another.

Examples of Pathos in a sentence. 1. The pathos of the movie caused me to leave the theater with tears in my eyes. 2. In order to solicit donations, the charity created a video filled with pathos to draw out sympathy from the public.

How do you talk about pathos?

How do you use the word pathos?

Using too much pathos appeal in an argument is dangerous because of the lack of logos. If you have to much pathos appeal, the product may seem fake to the audience.

Answer Expert Verified. The correct answer is C. The beautiful weather in San Diego will lift your spirits and make you feel alive. Pathos refers to emotional appeal, which means that the narrator will use words which will appeal to the feelings of the readers or listeners.

Which statement is an example of an appeal that use pathos?

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