Which has largest atomic size Rb or SR?

Which has largest atomic size Rb or SR?

Which is the smallest element with the largest atomic radius?

Why does the radius of an atom increase?

Atomic Radius of the elements

strontium (Sr), chemical element, one of the alkaline-earth metals of Group 2 (IIa) of the periodic table.

Since potassium is located at the start of period 3, and bromine at the end of the same period, potassium will have a larger atomic radius than bromine, and thus the largest atomic radius of the four given atoms.

Explanation: Chlorine has a proton number of 17. Hence, we can deduce that the forces of attraction exerted on the outermost electron in chloride ion is lesser than chlorine atom, since there are more electrons. Conclusion, chloride ion has a bigger atomic radius due to an increase in number of electrons.

Strontium, Sr Its atomic radius is 0.215 nm and the (+2) ionic radius is 0.113 nm.

0.248 nm
Rubidium, Rb Its atomic radius is 0.248 nm and the (+1) ionic radius is 0.148 nm.

We know that Rb+ is smaller than Rb because it loses an electron and has one less shell. Now between F and F-: F- has one more electron, which causes the radius to be bigger.

Answer: Rb has the largest atomic size.

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