Where is the Broc Flower Cave?

Where is the Broc Flower Cave?

One of these is the terminal, which you have to build to manipulate the mechanical bike that you are using for your tests. To build it, just open up the workshop menu then navigate to Power and Miscellaneous. It is then the second option in this menu, right after the Settlement Beacon.

User Info: Wootles. Well, if you really need to use that terminal you can always open the console, click the terminal and type “unlock”.


Where can I find Xander root and Broc flower?


Quick walkthrough Santiago can be found at the back of the abandoned building right across from Mick & Ralph’s shop, and Old Ben near the gate to the Strip. Find a “sex-bot:” Fisto, can be found at Cerulean Robotics.

Where is the Xander root by the schoolhouse?

Mojave Wasteland

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