Where is PacSun warehouse located?

Where is PacSun warehouse located?

Step 2: Find Your Size

What size is a 26 in PacSun jeans?

Do not buy from PacSun online. Their customer service is awful!

Is Pacsun clothes good quality?

This brand is my absolute go-to when it comes to reasonably priced jeans. With PacSun’s great durability and comfort, it is easy to transition these pants from the day into the night. Even with durability and comfort, style is not forgotten.

The bottom line is Pac Sun is mostly a high school brand so if you are older I would definitely avoid it. They have some good items like pants but for the most part their whole store is very child like themed and the quality won’t last you more than a few months if that.

Why are PacSun stores closing?

PacSun is headquartered in Anaheim, California, and operates a distribution center in Groveport, Ohio. The company’s regional directors, district managers and store positions are located throughout the United States.

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