Where are the Yardbirds in Grizzleheim?

Where are the Yardbirds in Grizzleheim?

What level should I start Dragonspyre?

How long does it take to finish wysteria?

Shortest is probably Wizard City just because you can do it in like an hour and a half with a full party, but realistically Marleybone is the shortest to quest. Khrysalis is literally the longest and has the most areas of any world, each taking 1-3 hours. Azteca feels the longest.

How do you unlock the tower of the Helephant?

Wizards must reach Level 25 and talk to Merle Ambrose to enter Wysteria. You go here to compete in a tournament to win the spiral cup prize for Ravenwood.

After you defeat the Coven, he will call you to Wintertusk. There is a spell in Mirkholm Keep that you can earn at level 35, so I’d recommend doing Grizzleheim part 1 right around the time you reach level 40. Save Wintertusk until after Dragonspyre/level 48. If it’s still too challenging, wait until after Celestia.

Where is the Yardbird in Helgrind Warren?

When you reach level 20 Ambrose will send you to Grizzleheim where you can find Zeke just across the rainbow bridge. Take a left down the path and he’ll be standing by the boat dock. Here he will give you the quest to find the Yardbirds.

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