When was Team Umizoomi released?

When was Team Umizoomi released?

7 year old
Bot is a loving, 7 year old robot friend (whose voice is provided by Donovan Patton as Joe) who loves to sing and dance and has a fun-loving, childlike personality. Ironically, his abilities are more functional than math-related.

Who is the creator of Team Umizoomi?

Team Umizoomi Math: Zoom into Numbers is rated E for Everyone, and LW4K recommends it for children ages 4-6.

What age is Team Umizoomi for?

The actual location of Umi City remains undisclosed. But it is known that it is actualy on Planet X.

24 April 2015
Team Umizoomi/Final episode date

What happened to umizoomi?

25 January 2010
Team Umizoomi/First episode date

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