When was my Remington rifle made?

When was my Remington rifle made?

When did the Remington 30-06 Whelen come out?

When did the Remington 700 ml come out?

30-06 Springfield, 24″ Barrel, 4+1 Rounds.

My cousin lived in a Remington family. They had a couple 870s, a Model 121 pump . 22, and a Model 700 in the fire-breathing 7mm RemingtonMagnum. Remington Outdoor Company filed bankruptcy in mid 2020, and as of right now Remington firearms are not being produced.

More than 7.5 million Remington 700 and other rifles with defective triggers are in the hands of gun owners. At any time, this trigger malfunction could kill and injure owners and others. However, hundreds of people may have already lost their lives or been maimed by this defect.

The Remington Model 700 is a series of bolt-action centerfire rifles manufactured by Remington Arms since 1962. It is a development of the Remington 721 and 722 series of rifles, which were introduced in 1948.

Check the serial numbers located on the left side of the barrel on your Remington shotgun. They can be decoded to find out when your shotgun or rifle was manufactured. This serial number decoder will translate this information, determining the exact month and year that your specific firearms was created.

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