When was Flex shampoo discontinued?

When was Flex shampoo discontinued?

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In 1971 Flex shampoo and conditioner was introduced. In 1973, Revlon introduced Charlie. Geared to the under-30 market, Charlie model Shelley Hack in Ralph Lauren clothes, personified the independent woman of the 1970s.

Haircare favourite Revlon Flex is back! When the shampoo was discontinued around 2002 to make way for newer brands like Dove, fans of the hair product were turning to eBay to stock up – paying around six times the recommended retail price of the shampoo and conditioner.

Does Revlon make shampoo?

As of April 2014, Flex shampoo is still produced by Revlon, although many varieties of Flex have been discontinued. Few stores carry the brand; however, it is available online at Amazon.com.

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