When did George Freeman die?

When did George Freeman die?

When did Abe Saffron go to jail?

Where was George Freeman born?

Is Abe Saffron still alive?

Waverley Cemetery, Bronte, Australia
George Freeman/Place of burial

He died of a heart attack in Cessnock Gaol on 28 August 1996, aged 75. He was buried on 3 September 1996 at the Field of Mars Cemetery, Ryde, New South Wales.

George Washington Freeman (June 13, 1789 – April 29, 1858) was the second Episcopal bishop of Arkansas and Provisional Bishop of Texas….George W. Freeman.

George David Freeman (22 January 1935 – 20 March 1990) was a Sydney bookmaker, racing identity and illegal casino operator. He was linked to the Sydney drug trade during the 1970s and 1980s, was named in several Royal Commissions into organised crime and had links with American crime figures.

March 20, 1990
George Freeman/Date of death

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