Whats the meaning of Tengo?

Whats the meaning of Tengo?

Is tango masculine or feminine?

What is no tengo?

But it’s not always necessary, usually is implied in the conjugation of the verb. Yes it is correct, it is also correct to say tengo yo, though this one I mention is mostly used for asking. However, like Spanish encoded the subject of the sentence in the verb the subject tends to be omitted.

What’s the difference between Tengo and tiene?

September 21, 2019. RyagonIV. Tengo means “I have” and in Spanish (and other Romance languages) you express age by saying that you “have a number of years”. “Yo soy diez años” would have you claim to be a length of time.

plural tangos. an energetic dance from South America for two people, or the music for this dance. tango. tango. verb.

What language is Tengo?

(I) have, (?) do I, (I) am.

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