Whats brackin bruh meaning?

Whats brackin bruh meaning?

Is Crip a slur?

Who was the first Crip in history?

When the clock expires at the end of the third quarter, teams hold up four fingers to signify the beginning of the most important 15 minutes of the game. Football comes down to toughness in the end, and teams take great pride in being the toughest in the fourth quarter.

What does 4 fingers up mean in football?

4s up = Up top 4s down = Down bottom.

When Blood gang members say 5 popping 6 droppin, they’re literally saying “Bloods are shooting (popping), while Crips are dying (dropping). Blood gang members sometimes add extra lines and say “5 poppin 6 droppin. Crip Killer ’til my casket get drop, 5 alive 6 must die rest in peace to OG ty.

Do bloods say what’s poppin?

What does crackin mean?

Bracking (brackin) is a slang term used by Blood gang members as a substitute for cracking. Blood gang members often replace any “C” in a word with the letter “B” to rep their gang. For instance, instead of saying “what’s cracking my n*gga,” a blood gang member would say “what’s bracking my n*gga.”

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