What trolling motor goes with Lowrance?

What trolling motor goes with Lowrance?

Humminbird clearly outperforms Lowrance when it comes to innovation. Humminbird were the first to come out with 360 degree SONAR and Side Imaging, too. Models like the Helix-5 available for less than $500 and deliver crisp, clean side imaging SONAR readings.

Altor Equity Partners
Lowrance/Organisasi induk
The Lowrance brand is wholly owned by Navico, Inc. A privately held, international corporation, Navico is currently the world’s largest marine electronics company, and is the parent company to leading marine electronics brands: Lowrance, Simrad Yachting and B&G.

You can surely add a spot lock to your trolling motor, which is of great help to the fisherman or the user of the boat/canoe.

Can you add spot lock to a trolling motor?

Best Lowrance Fish Finders

What is new with Lowrance?

“Both our new Tour and Xi series motors will continue to offer Lowrance sonar and chartplotter integration to help you make the most of your time on the water.” Today, MotorGuide integrates sonar transducers into their trolling motors that are compatible with Lowrance and other top sonar brands.

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