What song did Mya Fallen sample?

What song did Mya Fallen sample?

Who are Mya parents?

Where is Mya now?

Lauren Wood

Who sang the song fallen?


Mya was born to an African American father named Sherman and an Italian American mother named Theresa. She has two younger brothers named Chaz and Nijel. Sherman was a musician & a singer who performed with various bands in the Washington, DC area and Theresa worked as an accountant.

What is Mya nationality?

Who wrote Fallen by Mya?

“Fallen” is a song by American singer Mýa, released as the second and final single from her third studio album, Moodring (2003). The song was written by Rich Shelton, Kevin Veney, Loren Hill, and Leonard Huggins. It contained excerpts from Luiz Bonfá’s 1963 song “Saudade Vem Correndo” and Runnin’ by The Pharcyde.

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