What school did Michael Jackson graduate from?

What school did Michael Jackson graduate from?

When did Montclair High School go out of business?

What kind of school did Michael Jackson go to?

Marlon joined on tambourine in August 1965, when Evelyn LaHaie suggested that the group name themselves the Jackson Five Singing Group. In 1966, the group won their first talent show at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Gary.

Did Michael Jackson ever graduate high school?

Regarded as a British media genius, Michael graduated from the University of Westminster (formerly the Polytechnic of Central London) in 1979 after completing a Media Studies BA, where he graduated with a First.

By the time The Jackson 5 became a nationwide sensation, Michael and his brothers had to leave school. Instead, a private tutor, Rose Fine, whom MJ loved as a second mom, tutored them for 3 hours a day, until Michael Jackson earned his diploma from the Montclair College Preparatory School.

Due to this fame, he never attended or graduated from high school, other than one short-lived attendance, and was instead taught by private tutors.

Southern University Law Center, A.A. Lenoir Hall
Montclair College Prep School
Michael Jackson/Education

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