What religion are the Booth brothers?

What religion are the Booth brothers?

Paul Lancaster
Ronnie and Michael renamed the group and continued on as “The Booth Brothers.” Although others have been the third part of the trio, Paul Lancaster is the newest member.

Who is the newest member of the Booth brothers?

Ronnie Booth Net Worth is $300,000 Mini Biography.

October 8, 1971), decided to revive the group with his brother Ronnie II (b. June 28, 1965), and his father. They started performing and touring around Florida and recorded several albums. In 1998, Ron decided to retire and the remaining brothers started looking for a replacement.


joined with his brothers Charles (lead), James (baritone), and Wallace (bass) in forming the Booth Brothers Quartet in Detroit, Michigan. Based out of their home church, Gilead Baptist Church, the quartet traveled regionally for six years.

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