What noise do platypuses make?

What noise do platypuses make?

Can doofenshmirtz understand Perry?

Doofenshmirtz and Perry have a very strange relationship. They claim to be enemies, but they are relatively civil to one another more often than one would think they should be. Overall, they seem to be “frenemies”, with their relationship mirroring that of a dysfunctional married couple.

Are Perry and Doofenshmirtz friends?

Real life platypuses have brown fur, with males having venomous spurs on their hind legs. Dan Povenmire the chose the colour teal for Perry just because “it looked cool.” However, it was later discovered in a 2020 study that platypuses glow green under ultraviolet light, sort of like Perry himself.

Bradley Baker

Can a platypus hear?

The platypus is typically a silent animal, but it does make a low growling noise at times. The platypus growls most often when it’s upset or disturbed.

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