What mic does Cdawgva use?

What mic does Cdawgva use?

What client does SammyGreen use?

Why is Technoblades name Technoblade?

Technoblade has top quality specs, if you look at his fps, it is most likely above 800 fps. People will argue this isn’t important, well they should set their max frame rate to 10 fps and see how hard it is for people who play on Mac. He strafes a lot. This works so well even on veteran pvpers.

Is Technoblade good at Bedwars?

Rise To Fame. MegaPVP got attention after consistently being featured in Skeppy and Zelk’s videos. He is also often known as the “mute” in Skeppy’s channel, since he has never talked before on video, resulting in being a common victim of Skeppy’s trolls.


What mic does fearless use?

Sennheiser MKE 600

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