What level should you do Grizzleheim?

What level should you do Grizzleheim?

Actually it cost 179,275 crowns to buy all the worlds and dungeons from Wizard City to Empyrea part 2. That is about $180.00 if you get the crowns on sale at 60,000 for $60.00, that sale comes often. So ya, if you only plan on playing a year or two get a membership.

Playing Options. Wizard101 is a free Wizard MMORPG game! get free access to most of the first world, Wizard City, and those who wish to explore beyond the Free-to-Play zones can purchase game-wide access with a Membership or individual zones with Crowns.

about 5-6 weeks


How many players does Wizard 101 have?

No, no it’s not. Not as alive as it was years ago but it’s still going.

If your Wizard is at least Level 20, you should go talk to Headmaster Ambrose. He will give you the Quest that sends you to Grizzleheim.

How do you get to Grizzleheim in wizard101?

How long does it take to complete Grizzleheim?

There is a spell in Mirkholm Keep that you can earn at level 35, so I’d recommend doing Grizzleheim part 1 right around the time you reach level 40. Save Wintertusk until after Dragonspyre/level 48. If it’s still too challenging, wait until after Celestia.

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