What kind of bond is NF3?

What kind of bond is NF3?

Bonds are polar when one element in a compound is more electronegative than the other. This creates a dipole in the molecule where one end of the molecule is partially positive and one end is partially negative.

Each Al-Cl bond is polar since chlorine (3.0) is much more electronegative than aluminium (1.5), however, each Al-Cl bond in AlCl3 is arranged symmetrically (all angles are 120°) so that the dipoles cancel out resulting in no net dipole for the molecule.

Although AlCl3 monomer is trigonal planar (just like Bf3) but it is non polar. The dipole moment of each of Al-Cl bonds is directed at 120° angles to each other in a plane and is thus cancelled out. Therefore it is non polar.

What is the polarity of AlCl3?

Is NF polar or nonpolar covalent bond?

polar covalent bond

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