What is W MGH?

What is W MGH?

The motion of the cable cars traveling downhill somehow supplies the gravitational potential energy needed to move other cars uphill. Energy must be present in moving objects. A convenient example with which to investigate the energy associated with motion is a car.

Answer: The first car has the most kinetic energy.

The factors that affect an object’s gravitational potential energy are its height relative to some reference point, its mass, and the strength of the gravitational field it is in.

What are the factors that affect kinetic energy?

What is the significance of negative sign in W =- MGD?

Work is the energy transferred into or out of a system through the action of a force. Work done against gravity can be found using the equation Work equals Force times height or W = Fh. Since F = mg we can use the equation W = mgh. (m = mass, g = gravity, or 9.81 m/s² and h = height).

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