What is Verilite lens package?

What is Verilite lens package?

What are the most durable eyeglass lenses?


What are the most scratch resistant lenses?

A high-index lens may be recommended if your optical prescription is above 2.00 diopters. High-index lenses have a refractive index above 1.50— ranging from 1.53 to 1.74.

Thickness: Polycarbonate lenses have a higher index of refraction than Trivex lenses, but not by much (1.58 vs 1.53). Trivex lenses have a higher Abbe value so they can produce both sharper central and peripheral vision with less chromatic aberration than polycarbonate lenses.

Are trivex lenses worth it?

Verilite Lenses Our Verilite polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant and offer superior eye protection when you need it most. They’re lightweight but extremely durable.

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