What is trial period in chegg?

What is trial period in chegg?

How long is a trial period in employment?

Does a trial shift mean you have the job?

There is no law determining the length of a probationary period. However, there is an expectation that the employer will be reasonable. It is typical for a probationary period to last no longer than six months, and three months where an employee is moving to a new post internally.

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An employee and an employer can agree on a trial period at the beginning of a new employment relationship. The purpose of a trial period is to find out whether the employment contract meets the expectations of both parties.

What is the purpose of a trial period?

When you join Chegg, you are placed in Trial Period during which your solutions are closely monitored by our in house quality team. During this time, you will receive quality reviews from Chegg frequently. Generally, an expert remains in the trail period until he/she receives 3-4 Quality reviews.

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