What is the shape of tef6?

What is the shape of tef6?

What type of bond is shown in the Lewis structure of F2?

three lone pairs

How many lone pairs does CF4 have?

For molecule ClO−4, Here, the central atom is chlorine (Cl) which has 7 valence electrons and this Cl atom is linked to 4 atoms of O (divalent atom). The anionic charge on the molecule is clearly -1. Therefore, the hybridization of ClO−4 is sp3.

The ICl2−has sp3d-hybridized structure having trigonal bipyramidal shape but due to the presence of lone pair of electron on iodine atom the structure is distorted. The three lone pairs are in the equatorial positions, leaving the Cl and I in a linear molecular shape.

What is the Vsepr shape of CBr4?


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